Language training

Which languages are spoken in your work environment?

What would you like to learn in order to communicate successfully in an international context?

We support you or your company with tailored language training! In an initial conversation, we define your personal goals or those of your employees - tailored to you and with exactly the content that suits you. With 30+ years of expertise, we help you develop your language skills and prepare you for upcoming tasks.

Start your training in 3 steps

You learn exactly what you need. In the first step, we therefore invite you to a personal consultation to find out: In what contexts do you need the foreign language? What exactly do you want to be able to do and in what time frame? What are your professional tasks, situations or topics? What services or processes do you need to talk or write about in the foreign language?

This will determine the objectives and content of your training. Part of the interview is also the oral assessment of your current knowledge. This is supplemented by a written assessment. Afterwards, you will receive an offer with your individual concept from us, and as soon as you agree to the conditions, you can get started!

We teach all levels, in all languages

From basic to advanced, from A0 to C2: we teach all levels and all common languages. From German as a foreign language, English, Spanish,... to Chinese, you will find what you need with us!
The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) serves as a basis for us to assess your skills and progress. We will be happy to advise you on what is needed to reach your target level.

Why you are in good hands with us

We have 30+ years of experience in delivering tailor-made language training in a professional context. Based on this expertise, together with the use of the latest methods such as Flipped Classroom, Blended Learning, Microlearning and technologies from A(pps) to Z(oom), we plan your training together with you. You have us on your side right from the start. Our support services range from the intitial personal consultation, to answering questions during your course, to learning tips and quality assurance at the end of the training. We don't have standard courses. Your training is tailored to you and your colleagues or employees - so you only learn what you need! Our practice-oriented training enables you to apply what you have learned directly and thus achieve rapid learning success.

Your course content

The course content is based on your working environment, your technical vocabulary and your requirements. Each course is individual, which is the only way to reach your goal efficiently.
Your professional documents are worked on directly in your training. Presentations in the foreign language are simulated in class, emails or reports are written, meetings are prepared. You will see: this is how you learn most successfully and save time! Your everyday work is the focus of the training. Your goals are reviewed again and again and can be adapted to new requirements at short notice. Here are examples of participants’ goals from some of our courses: Presenting your projects in video conferences // Conducting discussions with customers at a trade fair for wind turbines // Working with an English user interface in the field of quality management // Conducting feedback discussions with participants in an assessment centre

Timeframe & location

Just like the content, the timeframe is tailored to your needs and your everyday working life. From intensive training, weekly appointments or training units on demand, everything is possible - as language coaching, individual training or in small groups. We will be happy to advise you on which mode is best suited to your needs. The training takes place either online, on your premises or at das Seminarhaus.

Our workshops

You want quick learning results for yourself and your colleagues that you can put into pratice immediately? Then a workshop is the right thing for you! Immerse yourself in a topic for half a day or a whole day. Examples of workshops in the field of English: Videoconferencing // Engaging in discussions // Presentation training // Emailing // Telephone training // Small talk. Our workshops are available online, can be held in person at your location, or at das Seminarhaus.